Mantra - made for you

Your affirmation + composition of Anna Liem = your unique mantra


🇳🇱 Nederlandse versie: jouw unieke mantra

The whole process from making the choice to have a special mantra composed for you, untill receiving the mantra itself is very special… 

It is that process where you can recognise all the 7 steps of the Latifa

Accept (1) the moment and in that moment you feel what you are longing for (2). 

Hoping (3) for a certain result. And what remains is trust (4) and let go (5). Just be open and love (6) whatever comes. If you feel this inner connection, you are willing to receive result. 


The Process


1. You send me your affirmation

You can directly request a mantra for you or for a lovedone via: .

In the mail you tell me the affirmation you want me to make a mantra of. And what kind of instrument you prefer: piano, guitar or handpan.

It sometimes happens that I choose a instrument, different from your choice. Because I need to feel connection to the affirmation and the instrument.

2. Composition starts...

After receiving your information, I’ll start composing. 


3. You'll receive your unique mantra

Within 3 months (but mostly earlier) you’ll receive your unique mantra in mp3 format, via mail.

You can use this mantra for yourself and for lovedones. But you may not sell your mantra.

The mantra can be used for SingInsideOut. Or could be part of a mantra-album I may sell.

Read the terms and conditions before requesting a mantra (translationa in English coming soon!) algemene voorwaarden .


Making a mantra is a process. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes I’m ready in 1 hour. 

But then the technical stuff begins. Recording and mixing. 

Asking a price for all these hours is impossible to make it an offer for most of the people. 

Every month I make time to compose 2 mantra’s on request. 

The price is €150,- 

In combination with the serie SingInsideOut Online (English version coming soon), you will receive a discount.