"Everybody wants to be heard"

Do you make yourself heard?




SingInsideOut. Emotional liberation through voice. 

As a music therapist and as a human being, every day I, Anna Liem (1989), experience the value of our voice. It makes us authentic ánd it is the bridge between yourself and the other. 

SingInsideOut helps you to carry emotions, thoughts and to take action in making contact about this. 

Everything is changeable. Every second has never been before. Every moment we have new possibilities. 

That helps to let go and brings us to the here-and-now.

SingInsideOut is about all aspects of life. As deep as you want. Trusting that what presents itself in the moment, does matter. 

And everything inside, wants to have space. It needs our attention. It wants to get out. 

It wants to Be Authentic Together.

Give space to your inner world. 


Warm regards,


Contact: anna@annaliem.nl